Problem with time and time zones in mobiles

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My name is Juanma and I am developer on SingularGames company. We are very interested in the app42 backend system in our company but we are strongly worried about the problem with time and timezones in mobiles.

As you mention in your FAQ, if the mobile time and timezone are not correct the connection cannot be established (returning an Unauthorized access). We are worried because many devices (specially Androids) have a wrong time and timezone set by the provider.

As a result all these providers' clients will be able to use our applications. Is there a solution or work around in order to fix this, besides asking the user to change their time and timezone settings? Thanks for your attention.
asked Sep 5, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by juanmanuel (10 points)

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FAQ also answers your question about the same and here is the description. 

This is required to have replay attack protection on your app, however if you don’t have much security concern regarding your app data, you can disable it from AppHQ console under AppManager -> View Apps option.

Let me know if it helps.



answered Sep 5, 2014 by ajay123 (899 points)
No. We turn off the option and the problem still happen.
Please make sure your APIKey and secert key is correct and if you still face same issue, then please write your app name with us at will check your app and let you know for the same.

this worked for me
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