am struggling to connect to facebook..

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I want to use facebook leaderboard using this tutorial and am spending lots of time to connect to facebook.


My code is almost the same as this sample.  I registered my app and got 2 keys(API, Secret).

And it keep showing these error messages at CallFBInit and SaveScore.

Exception Occurred : 404
SaveCallback:OnException(Exception) (at Assets/Scripts/SaveCallback.cs:28)
Exception Occurred : 3002
SaveCallback:OnException(Exception) (at Assets/Scripts/SaveCallback.cs:29)
Generally, 404 means 'Not Found', right? I have no idea what I can't find and what 3002 means.
I am using Macbook air, Galaxy Note 2, Unity3D and Android Platform. 
Can anyone tell me what these errors mean?


asked Mar 11, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by David Kim (20 points)

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Your error is 404 'NOT FOUND', and App42 appErrorCode = 3002;  which means :-

3002 - NOT FOUND - Game with the name '@name' does not exist.

Means you are saving score for the game, which is not exist. Have you created a game in AppHQ Console as described in tutorial.

For more detailed description about exception handling , read here:-

answered Mar 11, 2014 by Akshay.Mishra (179 points)
Thanks for your reply.
I confirmed that I have the app name and two keys are in AppHQ Console.

I ran the project again and it still says 404 error.

I also checked that I have my app in facebook developer area.

Then What mistakes do you think I have made ?
Have you created a game in AppHQ Console as described in tutorial. ???

Creating game:

For creating a game, you have to follow these steps :-

1.Log-in  with AppHq console.
2.Click on dashboard, you can see it in the Upper-Left in AppHq console.
3.Go to Business Service Manager from the left tab.
4.Click on Game Service and select Game.
5.Select an App regarding which you want to create a  game.
6.Create game “sampleGame” by clicking on “Add Game” button from right tab in AppHQ.

Now one can call associated methods of that service by passing this gameName, e.g. save user score, get top ranks from Facebook etc.
I missed this part and I added a game in the app. Thanks.
It seems OK in the Unity simulator.
But, when I try to login in my smartphone, Galaxy Note 2, it doesn't work.
It keeps asking my permission for the app to access facebook contents.
I pressed OK button, but it doesn't go thru.
Sorry to ask, but in this case, what problem do you think I have?
Could you share your facebook app settings screen shot
How can I send it to you?
Can I have your email address? Or Email me at
I will reply with those screen shots.
Hi kim,
Did your issue is solved. ?
If you are still facing any broblems then tell us.
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