Are AppWarpUnityMobile.dll,, libiOSNativeSocket.a needed?

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Are  AppWarpUnityMobile.dll,, libiOSNativeSocket.a needed when building for iOS with Unity PRO?
related to an answer for: More version control please.
asked Oct 25, 2014 in AppWarp by huffman (17 points)
edited Oct 25, 2014 by huffman

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AppWarpUnity.dll is the primary dll for AppWarp SDK. This lib uses sockets internally. But sadly Unity free version does not support sockets when building for Android and iOS. Therefore we created a separate lib named AppWarpUnityMobile.dll which works along with and libiOSNativeSocket.a for Android and iOS. But this can not be used with desktop builds. Hence you have to use AppWarpUnity.dll when building for desktop and AppWarpUnityMobile.dll when building for Android and iOS if you are using Unity free version.
AppWarpUnity.dll should work with Unity Pro for all platforms. Please confirm if you are able to use AppWarpUnity.dll for Andorid and iOS too when using Unity Pro version.
answered Oct 27, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
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