connecting to AppWarp on the Facebook Canvas

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Hi all.

I've been using the AppWarp sdk for quite a while now and it works pretty good on mobile, unfortunately I have some issues regarding  Unity WebPlayer through Facebook Canvas.

I've built an almost empty scene and implemented the App42 user creation and then the AppWap Login.

When opening the build from an external html all seems to work great and I can log in and create/join rooms very easily, but when I deploy my build on Facebook Canvas I always get a Connection Error (number 5 in the WarpResponseResultCode).

Are there any known problems about deploying the games on Facebook Canvas?

Because on iOS/Android it seems to work great.


thanks allot.
closed with the note: Closing this thread as there was no update from last 2 Weeks or more. Please raise a new query if problem persists.
asked Oct 30, 2014 in AppWarp by miki.michaeli (10 points)
closed Aug 17, 2015 by sushil

We have tested JS sdk with Facebook, and it works. Regarding Unity Web Player on Facebook, we haven't tested yet. Please give us some time. We will test it out and let you know here on this thread.
any luck yet? i've been really struggling with this issue
Sorry for late response. I have been busy in some priority tasks. Please give me some more time. I will update you here as soon as possible.
The issue with Facebook is that FB requires game to be hosted on HTTPS and unity is unable to connect to our Server when running it on HTTPS.

We have placed this feature in our pipeline and will soon release the support for Facebook Canvas
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