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I test Social Integration Service, when I test Update Facebook Status and Get Facebook Friends From Link User, I get Error message below :

In Update Facebook Status 

Fatal error: Call to undefined method com\shephertz\app42\paas\sdk\php\social\Social::getFriendList() in /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/FBSDK_PHP/index.php on line 111

In Get Facebook Friends From Link User

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'com\shephertz\app42\paas\sdk\php\App42BadParameterException' in /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/FBSDK_PHP/PHP/1.2/RestClient.class.php:326 Stack trace: #0 /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/FBSDK_PHP/PHP/1.2/SocialService.php(167): com\shephertz\app42\paas\sdk\php\connection\RestClient::post('https://api.she...', Array, NULL, NULL, 'application/jso...', 'application/jso...', '{"app42":{"soci...') #1 /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/FBSDK_PHP/index.php(101): com\shephertz\app42\paas\sdk\php\social\SocialService->updateFacebookStatus('guo04', 'AAA is using th...') #2 {main} thrown in /home/ideabusd/public_html/guotest/app42/FBSDK_PHP/PHP/1.2/RestClient.class.php on line 326


This is my code(PHP)

Update Facebook Status


$userName = "guo04";  
$status = "AAA is using the App42 API";  
$social = $socialService->updateFacebookStatus($userName, $status);   
Print_r("userName is" . $social->getUserName()."<br/>");  
Print_r("status is" . $social->getStatus()."<br/>");  
$jsonResponse = $social->toString();  
Get Facebook Friends From Link User
$userName = "guo04";  
$social = $socialService->getFacebookFriendsFromLinkUser($userName); 
Print_r("<br/><br/>userName is " . $social->getUserName()."<br/>");  
Print_r("<br/>Installed is " . $social->getFriendList()->get(0)->getInstalled()."<br/>");  
Print_r("<br/>Id is " . $social->getFriendList()->get(0)->getId()."<br/>");  
Print_r("<br/>Name is " . $social->getFriendList()->get(0)->getName()."<br/>");
$jsonResponse = $social->toString();
Does my code wrong or I forget something ?
Thank you !


asked Mar 12, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by guo (110 points)
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# For update facebook status your code is giving App42 exception you need to add your code in  try-catch block and see which type of App42 exception is coming.

# For get facebook friend from link user you can use code snippet as shown below.

  $social = $socialService->getFacebookFriendsFromLinkUser($userName);
    foreach($friendList as $response){
    print_r("Friend Name : ".$response->getName());
    print_r("Picture is : ".$response->getPicture());
Note : Please put all your code in try catch block so you can easily encounter which type to App42 Exception is coming.


answered Mar 13, 2014 by anonymous
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