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Hello everyone. Sorry if my question seems dumb, I've just discovered ShepHertz.

Is it possible to create a html javascript realtime multiplayer game between two users? I believe the activity of each user should be communicated to the other using push notifications, but I don't see it available for html.
asked Dec 22, 2014 in AppWarp by design.artorius (10 points)

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Hello Design.artorious,

We're glad to know that you showed interest in the products by ShepHertz.We are happy to help you.Please feel free to ask your doubts from us.

AppWarp is a cloud service for your realtime multiplayer games and applications. Our javascript SDK for AppWarp allows developers to quickly build engaging real-time multiplayer HTML5 games and apps.

You may go through the below link for further assistance :


answered Dec 23, 2014 by kanika mittal (50 points)
Thank you, but you've given me a general answer. I need a specific answer to my question.
Hello Design.artorious,

We have a specific javascript SDK for AppWarp which you can use to create html javascript realtime multiplayer game for two or more users.In HTML5, you cannot send push notifications.AppWarp provides you with the facility to notify all the subscribed users whenever a user activity occurs.You can also send and recieve chat messages using the available API's in AppWarp.

please follow the link :

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