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Im developing a game using Unity for Windows Phone but seem to be having a problem trying to send a message to a user by a tile push. I can send a toast push message fine but the tile message does not work at all ? Is there something i am doing wrong or not set up correctly? 


switch (mNotificationType)
case NotificationType.TOAST:
//To send Toast Push Message
App42API.BuildPushNotificationService().SendPushMessageToUser(userName, msg, new Callback(){
}); break;
case NotificationType.TILE:
Tile tile = new Tile();
tile.title = "Tile";
tile.backTitle = "Tile Message";
tile.count = "10";
tile.backContent = "back";
tile.backBackgroundImage = "blue.jpg";
tile.backgroundImage = "red.jpg";
// To send Tile Push message
App42API.BuildPushNotificationService().SendPushTileMessageToUser(userName, tile, new Callback());
Thanks for the help
asked Jan 7, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by min159 (15 points)

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Hello Min,

This method is available in the sample but not officially available in the public release. We will add this by 15th of this month and update you for the same.

Thanks for having patience & co-operation with us.

Himanshu Sharma


answered Jan 8, 2015 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
selected Jan 13, 2015 by min159
Many thanks for your reply will be waiting eagerly for the update
Kindly download the latest SDK version of Unity Wp8 From here (https://github.com/shephertz/App42_Unity3D_SDK) & integrate it in your plugin code. Also have a look at the below link which will help you to understand the plugin integration.


Let us know if it helps.
Himanshu Sharma
Thanks Himanshu it now works perfectly with the update
Hello Min,

Good to hear that your query has been resolved. Let us know if you have more questions for us.

HImanshu Sharma
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