ACL mode in nodejs sdk

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Hi, me again:

We are currently using nodejs sdk with ACL enabled, on our server we need to use adminkey, However current nodejs sdk seems doesn't have setAminKey function support, could you update the sdk for that part?

If the api is already there, could you kindly give us an example how to use that in differnt services?

asked Jan 8, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Bob Anoop (19 points)
recategorized Jan 9, 2015 by sushil

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Probelm solved by setting adminKey in app42_lib/app42Service adminKey default values.


Thanks any way.
answered Jan 8, 2015 by Bob Anoop (19 points)
selected Jan 15, 2015 by Bob Anoop
Hello Bob,
Great to hear that your query has been resolved. Let us know if you required any help regarding this.

Himanshu Sharma
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