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hi. I have this scenario. user a connects and successfully logins. user b does this successfully, too. user a starts random matchmaking. when user b starts random matchmaking   it is ok till method  onSubscribeRoomDone but after that onConnectDone is called and shows status 5 and user b gets disconnected(status 5 CONNECTION_ERR). I have spent several hours debugging using console (I know debugging by breakpoint may disconnect users) but I don't get it why method onConnectDone has status 5. Why is it even called?(after a successful login I call connectWithUserName and onConnectDone is called with status 0, but I don't get it why after onSubscribeRoomDone, onConnectDone is called automatically and it has status error 5 ).


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asked Feb 27, 2015 in AppWarp by Arash Shahzamani (25 points)
closed Aug 17, 2015 by sushil
Does this also happens with any of our samples, or is it only happening with your code. If sample works perfect, It means you have made some mistake in implementing AppWarp. You can also send us your project at support@shephertz.com so that we can try to reproduce the issue at our end because we haven't faced this issue
Thanks. Just one question: when onConnectDone  is called? can it be called  automatically by the framework, for example after joining, or is it called explicitly only in response to connect request? and is status 5 (CONNECTION_ERR)  common? and it only means error in connection (so the logic of my code is correct and only the connection is the problem)?
I enabled appwarp tracing. Now I get the following exception:
AppWarpTrace :1425160068882:Exception class java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in thread run length=4096; regionStart=0; regionLength=-1
could you please tell me what that means?
OnConnectDone is called when you call connect/recover API and whenever there is a connection error.
Connection_ERROR i.e. 5 only occurs when there is network issue.
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