Global LeaderBoard - Facebook UserName instead of UserId

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I want to display the global leaderboard in Unity and am using scoreBoardService.GetTopNRankers to get the list of the top rankers.But this method retrieves only the facebook id. How do I get the facebook username ?

PS: The user here may nor may not have used Connect to Facebook.

asked Mar 28, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by busani_sirisha (15 points)

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Please have a look at the below links to integrate App42 Global Leader-board in your game and let me know if it helps:
1). while Saving user score add user name as additional information of facebook user.
2) Blog post to know, how you can easily save additional data along with save user score and displaying leaderboard .
Please check & let me know if it helps.
answered Mar 29, 2015 by SACHIN25 (190 points)
edited Mar 29, 2015 by sushil
Thanks for the reply Sachin. I will try it out.
No worry busani, you can try and let us know if you face any issue while integrating  it for your app.
Himanshu Sharma
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