AppWarp build failed

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Hi I'm trying to use the build.xml file to build the java server code before uploading to our GPaaS.

The build.xml file contains this line:

<import file="nbproject/build-impl.xml"/>

This file is not included in the QuizServer sample.

When we run the ant script "ant build.xml" we get the following error:

C:\Users\Trip Admin\Desktop\Server for Delpoyment\GOT_Quiz\build.xml:12: Cannot
find C:\Users\Trip Admin\Desktop\Server for Delpoyment\GOT_Quiz\nbproject\build-
impl.xml imported from C:\Users\Trip Admin\Desktop\Server for Delpoyment\GOT_Qui

I canged the warp.xml file in project root to the one on git:

then ran ant -f warp.xml

We now get this error:

C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer>ant -f warp.xml
Buildfile: C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\warp.xml

   [delete] Deleting directory C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\Qu

C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\warp.xml:16: Unable to
 delete file C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\build\jar

Total time: 0 seconds

C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer>

Please help?

asked Jun 25, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by wiredvoltage (84 points)

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It seems like there is already an instance quizserver.jar running on your system, so when you are trying to build it again it is not able to delete the previously built jar file.

Can you stop that from task manager? Or you can restart your system then try the ant command again to build it.

Let us know if it does not work.
answered Jun 25, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
@rajeev.etc thanks that worked but we are still getting the original problem error:

Buildfile: C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\build.xml

C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\build.xml:12: Cannot find C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\nbproject\build-impl.xml imported from C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer\build.xml

While trying to build the build.xml file so we can upload the .war file to appwarps2?

EG it cannot filn the file 'nbproject\build-impl.xml' that is referenced in build.xml?

The path to the projcet is:
C:\Users\Trip Admin\Documents\Eclipse Projects\QuizServer

The build file is the same as referenced here:


It may be the editor problem as stated here(
You can try creating a new project and copy its build-impl.xml and replace your older project's build-impl.xml file. Let me know if the problem continues.
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