Unable to connect to appwarp s2 server.

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I've installed the s2 server and the server is completely running on the LAN system 


Well, after creating the zone I am getting a zone number and then 

I am trying to communicate through Unity the same thing, but I am unable to establish the connection between s2 server and Unity. Here is the screenshot for better understanding, Can you guide me if I am having any wrong parameters ?

Unity Screenshot

---------------------------------------------- EDIT 1 -----------------------------------------------------

I am using these code from the Vikings Demo 

void Start () {
        listen = GetComponent<mainScriptListener>();
        username = System.DateTime.UtcNow.Ticks.ToString();
        Debug.Log("Connection Request");


and listener is having 

        public void onConnectDone(ConnectEvent eventObj)
            if(eventObj.getResult() == 0)
            Log ("onConnectDone : " + eventObj.getResult());
            Debug.Log("onConnectDone : " + eventObj.getResult());

And I am not getting the log statement onConnectDone. 

I've also checked with the dll its : AppWarpS2Unity.dll file

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I guess you are trying to run AppWarpS2 Unity Viking Demo. Make sure you are using the desktop version not mobile version.


What exactly are you getting the error??? Please provide more details.


Also, trying using as IP address and running the sample on same PC as server.
answered Mar 24, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)
selected Mar 24, 2014 by marine.modi
Thank you @Suyash for reply. I've added more content for understanding in EDIT 1 section of the Question.
Make sure, your both scripts are derived from MonoBehaviour. Most importantly also make sure both scripts are attached to same object.
I've attached both the scripts on same object. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k9hj0lekyxbp0m9/3.png image would show the same.
Are you calling update() function of warpclient. This is an essential method, without it you won't be getting any updates.

void Update()

Also, check if your getting handleAddUserRequest() on zone adapter in your server side code.
Ok. Got it working, as update function for WarpClient was not being Called. Thank you for your help.
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