Critical Issue : why user info remain forever ?

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I find very critical issue during testing with AppWarp S2.
It's that user info remain forever in special case.

The case is following.

1. I launch Rummy card game server on my local using Eclipse.

2. I set breakpoint in "checkForAuth" function.

3. Open Admindashboard.

4. I run client, and so client connect to Server.

5. Then server is paused by stoping at breakpoint for some time.

6. In this case, connection is broken, but user info remain forever on server.

    I confirmed it by Admin Dashboard.
   And I also confirmed it by calling getUsers function.

I could see these issue several times when network is broken.

I think this issue should be fixed ASAP.
asked Jul 30, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by rongchenghan (15 points)

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Are you using Connection Resiliency? If connection resiliency is used, the user information will be on server for the duration set as RecoveryAllowanceTime which starts from the time when connection breaks.

Please confirm and let us know if this is the case. Meanwhile, We will also test from our end and let you know as soon as possible.

answered Jul 31, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
I don't use connection resiliency feature now.
Because when I use it, I strangely get "auth error".
In fact, it's other critical issue.
If user is idle after connecting to AppWarp server then SDK sends keepAlive message to the server after every 2 seconds to tell the server, "Hey, I am alive". If server does not receives continuous 3 keepAlives for an idle user it assumes that client is disconnected and it acts accordingly to that particular user and notify others if any.
So in your case, the connection was broken due to the break point, then also server will keep the user info for 6 seconds then it will remove the info if you are not using connection resiliency.
Yes, I think it should work so.
But user info on server remain forever in my case.
I think you should check your AppWarp S2 server again.
If you fix such issue, when can you release it ?
Are, you using the sample app or integrated it on your sample.
So if you follow the rummy sample, in handleAddUserRequest function we have written "result.code = WarpResponseResultCode.AUTH_PENDING" means it is in  authorization process.But if you comment this line default logic works even you have set breakpoints on server.And you will get success result in onConnectDone function on client side.
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