Problem when I create a room, then delete or leave it, then I try to create a new room from the same IP!!

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I'm developing a miltiplayer-game where users open the app, find a partner and start a game, but if the user waits more than 10 seconds, a bot is generated on my server and starts playing agains this user.

For the bot I'm using java  and I'm using the your JAVA SDK, now during my tests, I tried to make the bot script create a room, then deletes it to test the whole cycle of Spawning til leaving, but I'm facing an issue with recreating a room that often, well it's not really that often, but I'm wondering if there's a minimum time-limit for creating rooms per IP?

I'm using AppWarp.

Hint: to clarify what happens exactly: the event onCreateRoomDone is never triggered the 2nd time or if I run 2 parallel scripts.

I always have to wait 1 or 2 minutes, then connect again and attempt room creation again.

I found the solution, but thought that may be I'd leave it here too, to create multiple bots, each of them must have unique username.
closed with the note: Bots should have unique names
asked Aug 1, 2015 in AppWarp by shehabic (15 points)
closed Aug 1, 2015 by shehabic
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