DIfferent Parameters for C# API and HTML5 API of "onGetLiveRoomInfoDone" method.

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I am developing onlne game on Unity which also does good job for Html5 games also

I use "onGetLiveRoomInfoDone" method on c# API whih has "LiveRoomEvent" and on HTML5 API the same method has "Room" Parameter instead of appropriate "LiveRoom".?

I also cross checked practically  via ChatDemo and the result is following:


which does not contain the live users contrary to C# API.

Is this intentional or something else?

For Workaround, currently I was planning to use "onSetCustomRoomDataDone" callback for  "onSetCustomRoomData",for getting online users for particular room, SO IS THIS OK?

what other solution could be done for getting user name list for a live room in HTML5 API?

Thank you,


asked Aug 10, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by devang024 (15 points)
recategorized Aug 13, 2015 by sushil
Hi Devang,

We are looking into it, will update you as soon as possible on the same.


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After few attempts to understand the difference between APIs, I found that in the callback parameter "Room" for method

"onGetLiveRoomInfoDone" the 'usernames' key for json reply contains the info I require.

For example in Room1, there are 2 users d and d1, so


So that is the solution I was looking for, API is complete but had to look it in a different way for different Platfrms to understand API


answered Aug 11, 2015 by devang024 (15 points)
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