Can't connect to AppWarpS2:RummyDemo

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First of all I would like to stay that you need to make your tutorials more specific and detailed.

My problem btw is that Although i am able to initialise appwarp s2 but I am unable to connect to appwarp s2 server. It keep showing "progress" bar and ask me to please wait.

The no. of user per room is 2 and I have tried to connect it from my mobile phone and emulator .Please help me because I am losing valuable time.
asked Aug 13, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by uday.myplanet (10 points)

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Hi Uday,

This issue comes when there is only one user in room in case of 2 User mode.

Can you please share the deatils mentioned below:

1.What is the HOST_NAME you have given in file for emulator and device apps.

2.If the server is running on your local system, can you confirm that the server, emulator and device all three are on same network.

3.Can you share your AppConfig.json file which you can locate in the server folder and file which you locate in src folder of Client side app.


answered Aug 13, 2015 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Here is what you asked for.Thanks for swift reply!!

 public static String HOST_NAME =  "";

    "TickTime" : 500,
    "ListenPort" : 12346,
    "MasterHost" :,
    "LogLevel" : "WARN",
    "FlashPolicyPort" : 8430,
    "AdminUsername" : "admin",
    "AdminPassword" : "password",
    "HSQLDBFile" : "HSQLDBFile"
public class Constants {
    public static String APP_KEY = "0f9e1968-565a-4dda-8";//"c0727020-3640-45d6-a";
    public static String HOST_NAME =  "";
    public static final String FB_APP_ID = "421905537937918";
    public static final int RECCOVERY_ALLOWANCE_TIME = 60;
    public static final int MAX_RECOVERY_ATTEMPT = 10;
    public static final int TURN_TIME = 120;
    public static final int TOTAL_CARDS = 52;
    public static String SERVER_NAME = "AppWarpS2";
    public static final byte USER_HAND = 1;
    public static final byte RESULT_GAME_OVER = 3;
    public static final byte RESULT_USER_LEFT = 4;
    // error code
    public static final int INVALID_MOVE = 121;
    public static final byte SUBMIT_CARD = 111;
    public static final int STOPPED = 71;
    public static final int RUNNING = 72;
    public static final int PAUSED = 73;
    // String constants
    public static String RECOVER_TEXT = "Recovering...";
    // Alert Messages
    public static String ALERT_INIT_EXEC = "Exception in Initilization";
    public static String ALERT_ERR_DISCONN = "Can't Disconnect";
    public static String ALERT_INV_MOVE = "Invalid Move: Not Your Turn";
    public static String ALERT_ROOM_CREATE = "Room creation failed";
    public static String ALERT_CONN_FAIL = "Connection Failed";
    public static String ALERT_SEND_FAIL = "Send Move Failed";
    public static String ALERT_CONN_SUCC = "Connection Success";
    public static String ALERT_CONN_RECOVERED = "Connection Recovered";
    public static String ALERT_CONN_ERR_RECOVABLE = "Recoverable connection error. Recovering session after 5 seconds";
    public static String ALERT_CONN_ERR_NON_RECOVABLE = "Non-recoverable connection error.";
    public static final String HOW_TO_PLAY = "Login: You can login with";
I am still waiting. It would be really helpful if you sort out the issue as early as possible.
Hi Uday,
To test on emulator, HOST_NAME should be "" in the file. To test on Device, same should be the public IP of the system where server is running. Also, the server, emulator, and the device should be connected to the same network.
i am not getting this

This is what I have done, in cmd I did ipconfig and found out my ipv4 address.

Then I made a apk using that address and installed it on my phone and other phone which was connected to same wifi that I am connected to.

Now what to do??
Current Rummy game do Facebook auth before connecting a player in game.So that's the reason you are unable to connect.
You can find complete sample of Rummy on Drop Box, in which we have removed the facebook auth process.
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i have the same problem and found the solution by using public IP to connect for Master host

"MasterHost" : => change your public server IP eg
answered Oct 11, 2015 by nguyenanhdung (51 points)
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