why incorrect scores are in my daily scores?

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Hello every one.

i understands that daily scores need some time to be update, ok, no problem.

my problem is that I have some wrong scores in my daily scores list.

i check score time in shephertz leader board pannel.  its time is out of my requested date;

My date range is:

startDateUTC:  Thu Sep 2 09:23:21 GMT+0430 2015

endDateUTC:  Thu Sep 3 09:23:21 GMT+0430 2015

but there is a user score in results, wich have following time in shepherts pannel:


i think 6 AM is not in range of my date range. and i think this user should not be in my results.

please tell me what i'm doing wrog here.

thanks for your time♥


asked Sep 3, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Arman BM (26 points)
edited Sep 4, 2015 by Arman BM

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Hello Arman,


Is it the same time which you are sending at the time of getting rankers based on date range.Because the start and end time which you have shared is lies between that date range. Please make sure your time is correct.

Also, the time on our server is in UTC format which is 4:30n hours less from your time. So please check and let me know if it helps.

Himanshu Sharma
answered Sep 3, 2015 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
yes you are right, i fixed my type mistake in post one.
it was 2 sep not 27 aug.
my problem is exist.
i should mention that im in +3:30 not +4:30. may this be the problem? if yes how can i  fix this?
Hello Arman,

No worry for typo mistake, if you are on +3:30 in that case record will still exist. Because as you shared 2015-09-02T06:09:31Z time in the ShepHertz panel for the leadboard is in UTC time zone. Please let me know in which SDK and platform you working on, it will help me to provide a code snippet to get UTC time and better support to you.

Himanshu Sharma
Hello Himanshu
Im working in flash, starling, adobe air 18.
tanks for your reply
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