indie trial period over?

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I've been using app42 for the leaderboard system, has been working great for about a year but received an email saying my trial period is over. Maybe I missed something or I didn't see any trial period for indies unless you wanted to try the 3month non-indie api.
So wondering, is there a trial period for indies?
asked Sep 22, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by leonalchemist (10 points)

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Hi leonalchemist,

Thanks for reaching out. I am Aidityo, sales manager and would like to update you that, our App42 Platform has a 3 months free trial, unless you are an Indie (either not a company or have only one app running on our platform).

Also, I just checked your usage, and I am happy to let you that, you can keep using the platform for free, till your app starts making 1 Million API Calls/month:)

Hope, this puts your mind at ease.

Let me know, if you have any further queries.


Aidityo Ganguly

Sales Manager



answered Sep 22, 2015 by aidityo.ganguly (20 points)
edited Sep 22, 2015 by aidityo.ganguly
Thanks for the reply, as of now I only have one app using app42 and I am an indie developer, but under 'My Subscriptions' is says that my app package type is trial and received an email saying the trial is over; tested it and I cannot login my game right now. What option should I choose to remain under the indie option as it is not an option I can choose it seems.
Hi leonalchemist,

I would like to assure you that, your account is mapped as an Indie now. Also, let me loop in our support team to take a quick look.

Meanwhile, could you try clearing your brower's cookies alongwith cache, and once again try logging in to the dashboard?

@ Support - Could you resolve this?

Thanks in advance.


I did received this email yesterday saying: "Just wanted to quickly highlight, that, your App 'GalacticCollector' created on 20 Oct,2014, will be paused , since the free trial of our App42Cloud Platform is over now."

I did not change any of the code for a long time and testing this with 2 different account and 2 different internet connections; both could not login to the game.

Should the package under my subscription say 'Trial' or something else?
Hi leonalchemist,

The package should say 'trial' only. Also, I have escalated your concern to our support team and they should be getting back to you shortly.

Thanks for your patience.


Are you facing problem to login in AppHQ Console or inside your Game? If the problem is with your game login, then can you please provide logs or exception your getting while login? It will help to debug the problem.
only in game, thing is the game has been live and working for some time, and have not updated anything, I will check if I can find more info about the error, right now it just gives me an "exception error".
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