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Thank you for your time to my question.

This is my project

Where can I get the device's token ?

-> RegisterDeviceToken (m_deviceToken, m_userName, m_deviceType, this,
SEL_App42CallFuncND (& MyClass :: myRegisterDeviceToken));

I used: IME and code, and the code from Google ProektID console, and
other values.
Which should I use?

I have code = 200 from RegisterDeviseToken. But when I sended message
->  [errorCode = InvalidRegistrationsch].

What kind of report has to be AndroidManifest.hml?

You can adjust Project for me and for example.

Sincerely, Alex D.

related to an answer for: Marmalade - InvalidRegistration;
closed as a duplicate of: Marmalade - InvalidRegistration;
asked Sep 26, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by alexandr.deryck (10 points)
recategorized Sep 28, 2015 by sushil
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