App not receiving push messages?

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I don't know whats happening with your sever. Because the app which is available on play store it basically receives push messages. I'm having 82 users which are having app installed on their device. But none of them getting push messages.
Please look into this issue as soon as possible.

asked Jan 26, 2016 in Android by prabhjassinghbajwa (25 points)

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Hello Prabhjas,

Could you plase share your push logs from the AppHQ dashboard?

To get the logs:

-Login to AppHQ

-Select Unified Notifications from the left most menu

-Select Push in the middle pane

-Select Logs from the Menu Icons under Push Notification header

You will find the push logs there. If there is no logs then please enable Push Log State from App Manager-> Settings -> Enable under Push Logs State.

It will really help to debug the issue.

answered Jan 27, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
iOS Exception While Sending Message to :c5af1877078719c04fd042a8a69db4215f2c16b6529a6b05743c823c7f8333ac Error : An error response packet was received from the APNS server: APNS: [18] Invalid token

from log i got this message.
In past i am able to send push notifications on my IOS Device.
What would be the problem with APNS any help?
When i deactivate development certificate than in my logs i can see push messages are successfully sent is coming but i am not receiving none of the push on my device. Any help please.
To receive the push notification, the environment for which the p12 file and the provisional profile is created must match. I mean if p12 file you uploaded to AppHQ is of production environment then the App must be installed on device using provisional profile created for production.
Please make sure this is not the case you are facing. If this is not the case, i suggest you to create p12 file and provisional profile again and store the new device token using these files to AppHQ. Let me know if this does not work.
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