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I've been reading up on multiplayer for unity for a few days now, (even completed the updated Unity multiplayer tutorial). But I still haven't found an answer to my situation. 

I have already completed my game ( its a racing game) and it has been live on the app stores for more than a year now. I recently determined its not aged well and is in need up a large update (visual, and functional) One part of this update is to add multiplayer functionality, as the game was originally offline single player only. 

I've scoured the internet looking for the best service for my game and AppWarp seems to offer the best middle ground so far.

My planned multiplayer implementation is as follows:
-Room based with ~10 or so players
-Rooms to be dynamically created and players allocated to rooms by the server.
-At fixed intervals during a day the server randomizes the track available to be played (the game uses randomly generated race tracks)
-I think the server needs to be authoritative.

Now I'm more than capable of coding the above functionality within unity. The plan is to use the same code for client and server with obvious distinctions between which is which. I can even go as far as creating a separate unity game that basically only handles server logic.

My Question is; my need for guidance is on: how do I Upload my app to a hosting solution to do all of the above? Better yet, who offers such a service and how do I go about the specific upload this game to a host to be connected to as a server step? Does Appwarp offer this?

asked Mar 11, 2016 in Unity by coolbway (10 points)

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All the above requirements can be implemented using AppWarpS2. AppWarpS2 provides server side sdk as well as client side sdk which can be downloaded from here. The server side implementation can be done in Java whereas Client side development can be done with the platform of your choice which is Unity in your case. The AppWarpS2 server already comes with ready made features which are in-built Room Management, Matchmaking, Connection-Resiliency, RPC, Turn-based room managent etc. However, you can customize the server as per your need by overriding the default logic using provide interfaces. Once you complete the server side development and you want to go live with this then you can host your server on your physical instance or on our hosting solution called GPaaS.

Please have a look at the Dev Center and samples  of the AppWarpS2.

You can always write to us on or here on forum in case face any problem.


answered Mar 14, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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