Handle multiple login from same account with different devices

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Hello, I want to allow user to get logged in once at a time from one device only once. I have 2 types of login, one is Facebook and another login from simple account which is created on your server. When i perform login from two different device with same account then your server is allowing me to login. How to overcome this problem on your server ?
asked Jul 15, 2016 in Android by testdemo772 (47 points)

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Hi TestDemo,

Yes, You can login with the same account on different devices as well as different platform SDK's. We simply do Login or User Managment like Email account you can login from every where you wants.

If you want to fix it with respect to device, you can choose userName as device ID that is unique and need not to take input from the user for it.

Let me know if more queries are concern.


Vishnu Garg

answered Jul 15, 2016 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
May i validate user with 3 parameters ...... like username, password and Device ID  ???
No, you can create user with userName as a device ID that you took automatically from device. So if you are on another device that have different device Id.
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