Is this usecase possible on this server or not ???

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This is a card game in which there are 52 rooms and user can enter in to particular room and he/she can picks a card under the time limits.
usecase is as below::
I have 52 rooms each room will have it's own timer.
When the timer counts down from 60-0 a person is selected to pick a card.  That timer will then change to 30 seconds and begin counting down so the selected person has 30 seconds to make a choice of card.
For 60 second counter lets call it the "draw clock"
For 30 second counter lets call it the "selection clock" 
We will only use these terms to for better explaination.
Once the draw clock reaches zero, one person from the contestants list is seleted at random.  This has to be random selection everytime.
Once a contestant is selected, they are then given 30 seconds to select a card.
Now - if contestant is in another room, there needs to be notification or pop up that will alert user to go to that specific room to my their choice
If user is out of app, push notification will alert user to go to room and make choice
If user is in room when selection happens, pop up will alert that specific user to make choice
If a user does not make choice in 30 seconds, the draw clock resets to 60 and starts counting down again.
If this kind of functionalities are possible to implement on this server ???????
asked Jul 23, 2016 in Android by testdemo772 (47 points)

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Can we have a small call to understand your requirement in better way? Please provide your available timings on so that i can schedule the call.


Rajeev Ranjan
answered Jul 24, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
selected Aug 2, 2016 by testdemo772
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