How can we implement BuddyManagement Along With AppWarpS2 ?

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Hello, Actually i want to iintegrate in game social/Profile Management where i can create account for user,Add friend ,Remove Friend,Send gifts to him /her.they can select avatar can i do such thing ? s it possible to develoap such thing using app42 cloud? if yes than how can i combine appwarps2 and app42 cloud service together? And one more thing what is AppWarpHq?
asked Aug 19, 2016 in Unity by bicubic.unity02 (22 points)

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Yes, it is possible to implement all these features using App42 Cloud APIs. App42 Cloud APIs comes with its client side SDKs same as AppWarpS2. You just need to integrate its SDK into your project and start using it s APIs. You can also integrate App42 Cloud APIs Java SDK to AppWarpS2 server in case you need to handle all these features on the server side. App42 Cloud APIs has readymade modules such as Buddy Service, Gift Service and Avatar Service which can be used directly to meet your requirement.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.



answered Aug 20, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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