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Q : What is an API call?
Anytime you make a network call to App42 on behalf of your app using any of the App42 functions, you make an API call.
Q : Can I delete my app?
Once your app is created, it cannot be deleted, however, you can change the status of your app to inactive through AppHQ console under AppManager -> View Apps option.
Q : How is my app data secured in App42?
Data generated by an app is sandboxed and cannot be accessed by any other app. App42 uses HTTPS protocol to securely transmit data from the client to App42 cloud.
Q : My API and Secret Keys can be seen and accessed by any potential programmer as they reside on client side. How to deal with this scenario?
It is advisable to use ACL enabled apps and use custom keys for restricted access. Please go through this tutorial for more details.
Q : I am getting Unauthorized Exception in my client code. What is wrong with it?
Unauthorized Exception comes due to two main reasons. One, your API Key/Secret Key is wrong or the time settings of your device is not correct.
Q : Why do I need to set correct time settings on my device to run my app?
This configuration is required to protect your app from replay attacks. However, if you want to disable it, you can do so from AppHQ Management Console under App Manager -> Settings (Make sure your desired app is selected) -> App Configuration -> Disable Replay Attack Protection.
Q : What is the difference between ACL and Non ACL apps?
ACL apps are more secure in the way that one app user (For eg. User A) cannot access the data of another user (For eg. User B) until user A gives permission to User B to access it. In Non-ACL apps, any user can access data of another user. Please go through this tutorial for more details.
Q : What does default Permission mean while creating ACL enabled app?
Default permission is used to give a default access to PUBLIC (all users of app) at the time of data creation for a given user. For example if user A has created a JSON object and default permission is set to PUBLIC READ, all app users would be able to access his JSON object.
Q : Is it necessary to use User Management service for my app users in order to use APIs like Leaderboard, Reward, Push Notification, etc.?
No, you can use all App42 services in isolation as they are independent of each other. In all the APIs, username is an unique identifier for fetching your data.
Q : What is a background job?
Background Job allows you to set up long running tasks that can be run on demand or on schedule.
Q : How is burst limit calculated?
Burst limit is the number of API calls your app can make in a second. You can check out your app's burst limit as per your chosen pricing plan.
Q : What happens if my app exceeds the burst limit?
Once your app exceeds the burst limit, any further API calls will be dropped. To prevent the API calls from dropping you should adjust the burst limit by contacting us at sales@shephertz.com.
Q : How can I determine the resources (App42 Services) my app is currently using?
You can see all the services being used in the AppHQ Management Console.
Q : On which server is my app hosted? Can I host my app in a region of my own choice?
Your app is hosted on a datacenter located in the United States. We understand there may be a requirement of hosting apps in different geographic regions, but at this point of time it is not possible with the shared environment. In case of a dedicated setup, you will have an option to choose the server location of your preference, kindly contact sales for more details.
Q : What will happen if my payment to ShepHertz does not go through for whatever reason? Will my app stop working?
Your app will not suddenly stop working if your payment to ShepHertz does not go through for any reason. You will get an email reminder if your payment fails. Please update your credit card information as soon as possible and we will try to charge your account again in 24 hours. If your account fails to submit payment within 30 days, we reserve the right to disable your account.
Q : What are the best practices to write custom cloud code?
Please have a look at this link for more details.
Q : Are requests made from Custom Cloud Code treated as API calls?
Yes, calling a Custom Cloud Code function will count as a single request.
Q : How can I reset password of my app users from AppHQ console?
You can login to AppHQ Management Console, click on User tab in the left hand side submenu and click on App42 -> Select Your App-> Select user from list -> Click on Manage -> Click Reset Password button*.
Q : How many databases can I create for my app in NoSQL Storage Service?
You are allowed to create only one database per app.
Q : What does collection mean in NoSQL Storage Service?
Collection is like a table in your RDBMS schema.
Q : Do I need to create any schema/relation to save JSON objects in NoSQL Storage Service?
App42 Storage Service works on NoSQL stack and you are not required to create any schema/relation for the same. You can simply store any JSON object inside given collection.
Q : How can I delete my database in storage service?
You cannot delete database. However, you can delete all your collections from AppHQ console.
Q : I am getting *Message Sent Successfully* while sending message from AppHQ console. However, message is not being delivered to my app. What is wrong here with my app settings?
In case your message is sent but is not delivered to your user then you may check Push logs by clicking on Unified Notifications in the left hand side submenu and clicking on Push tab to figure out the cause.
Q : How can I send Non-English characters in Push Notifications?
If you would like to send Non-English characters in Push Notifications, you would have add some additional parameters. Please see here for the code snippet.
Q. How long is the backup data retained?
We retain most recent 5 incremental/progressive backups for each of your app, which means you would be able to restore data from any of the last five days. However, for enterprise plans we have customizations available that allow flexibility in incremental/progressive backups.
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