Unable to start the installation for Mac OSX

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I am trying to install the S2 server in my mac but when I fire a command on terminal it 

$ ant -f warp.xml

Output: Buildfile: warp.xml does not exist!

Build failed
Well, I have also checked the file path and there is no file name warp.xml
Can the support team check the zipped bundle please
-- EDIT 1 ------ 
I am successful to install the ant server with 1.9.3 and jdk 1.8 but still I am unable to get the admin dash board. 
The terminal gives me information about the server is running Screenshot is as below:
asked Mar 19, 2014 in AppWarpS2 by marine.modi (62 points)
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Are you trying to run one of our samples?

You can download them from here. Each sample has a server folder as well as a client folder. The server folder contains the src, config and warp.xml files. You can run the ant command from there.

answered Mar 19, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
selected Mar 24, 2014 by marine.modi
Dhruv, I've already downloaded the linked files, index.html is not working it gives an error when I try to execute in the Web.
Hi Marine - the dashboard (html5 app) and the AppWarp S2 server are different processes. You need to first run the AppWarp S2 server. The dashboard will then connect to it.

Your original question was missing warp.xml file. Does your AppWarp S2 server start now?

The sequence of steps are also mentioned here

The dashboard requires you to run it in a webserver. Can you confirm if you've loaded the dashboard files in mac os webserver?
@dhruvc can you please look on the EDIT1 Section on the question please
We also have it hosted on our site - so you can try that also if you are having trouble running it on your macos.

@dhruvc I am trying to login on to your server but it does not allow me to login. Also, a small question about ipaddress. How would I get the ipaddress if I am successful to install the s2 server in my local machine? Scenario is I have MAMP server running on mac and I am unable to pass the ipaddress under unity.
The dashboard makes a connection to the server specified in the host field of the form.
It works by making a websocket connection between the browser and the IP address you specified in the Host field.
It doesn't matter where the dashboard app is hosted - it can be on our site or on your own. As long as the browser is running on your Mac and your AppWarp S2 server is also running on the same Mac - you can use "" as the host.
@dhruv I've posted another question regarding the issue i am facing, with screenshot. Please help me.
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