Overcoming 100 document limit: Need number of pages matching a Query before using findDocumentByQueryWithPaging

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Sorry, I feel like all my previous attempts at asking this question have been misunderstood and I've only been given partial answers that do not relate to every aspect of what I'm trying to solve. My problem is that I don't know how many total records there are for a given QUERY and I need to get this through the API.

  • The query has (or can have) more than 100 documents\records to return
  • I need to load all these (100+) at once - I know I need to use findDocumentByQueryWithPaging "x" number of times to get all matching documents.
  • I need a solution to get the absolute total number of available documents matching this query so that I can work out how many times I need to run findDocumentByQueryWithPaging

I apologise for asking variations of this question so many times but I have been told multiple answers that don't meet all the criteria above, and each has had some of the shortfalls below.

  • In my most recently received answer I was told to use jsonDocList.Count, but this is only going to tell me how many records were returned in the current query not how many remain unloaded.
  • storage.GetRecordCount() does not return more than 100 unless there are fewer records in total
  • storage.GetTotalRecords() is always -1
  • In this the user was told NOT to use getCountByQuery() and I believe that was limited to the cap of 100 records returned also
asked Mar 31, 2019 in Unity by ant (13 points)

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Hi Ant,


As of now, there is no such kind of API in our API list with which you can get the count of the number of records which match to your query.

We are adding your request to our pipeline once we will get more request on the same, we will plan for it and will share an update with you.



Priyanka Singh

App42 Team
answered Apr 2, 2019 by anonymous
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