"httpErrorCode":401,"appErrorCode":1401,"message":"UnAuthorized Access"

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errorValue : {"app42Fault":{"httpErrorCode":401,"appErrorCode":1401,"message":"UnAuthorized Access","details":"Client is not authorized"}} When I try to login i.e authenticate user on Unity3d Editor I face "httpErrorCode":401,"appErrorCode":1401,"message":"UnAuthorized Access", where as the same code works fine on my Android device. Is there anything I need to do for it to make work on my editor? Also note, the sdk I am using is quite old, I started this project back in 2016 and now doing some changes in it. Back then all the app42 api requests worked fine in editor as well, but now API requests are only working in Android device and not in Unity3d editor. Will appreciate a quick response! Thanks
asked Jul 4, 2019 in Unity by terryvision.art (10 points)

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Greetings from Shephertz!!!

There are different reasons behind getting unauthorized exception and are explained below:

      -  API Key & Secret Key may be incorrect

      -  Space between the API Key & Secret Key

      -  Device time is not correct on which app is running

Please check and let us know if the issue still continues.



Priyanka Singh

App42 Team


answered Jul 5, 2019 by anonymous
Hi Priyanka,

Thanks for your reply! As I mentioned that the same code works fine on my Android device and gives this error only in Unity3D editor.
So, if API key and secret were incorrect or there is a space between the API Key and Secret it shouldn't be working in android device as well. And regarding Device time being in correct I am sure the device time is same on both my Mac machine and Android phone(both are set at automatic).
Could there be any other issue causing the same?

Hi Priyanka,

Any updates on this?

I have the same problem and have found it to be because of the different time, ie my device is one hour late as our country delays the clocks in the summer.
Does this make it impossible to use this API in Brazil?
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