How i can send the effects of the j2me methods setFrame() & nextFrame() to the server.

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i am using j2me appwarp sdk.

As we use the move() method in Player class for send the movements effects to the servsr so that

the corresponding movement is shown in to the multiple devices.

as the same way i am using a sprite image in Fightng game. i am trying to run sprite image using nextFrame() method but it is not work properly just like as move() method in multiple devices. then how i can run this sprite image.
asked Apr 15, 2014 in AppWarp by maheshsahu125 (20 points)

1 Answer

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Is there an issue with AppWarp J2ME API? or is this a general question about how you move sprites in j2me

how you move the sprite is j2me/UI specific and not related to AppWarp.

AppWarp api lets you exchange messages between users.. how you use them (to move a sprite, to hide/show frames or characters. etc) is up to you and depends on the platform you are using.
answered Apr 15, 2014 by starabc (39 points)
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