When is the Create Avatar With Input Stream available for as3?

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I use the app42 flash api a lot. But I miss, for a while now, the ability to create an avatar by imput stream. I like to let my users (mainly not on Facebook) select a local image to be their avatar. The other way arround (using the file upload api and then create the avatar from that URL) is also not available for as3.
asked Apr 29, 2014 in Discuss & suggest API by wouter (34 points)

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Hi Wouter,

File upload service and avatar service is almost done for the desktop application by the end of this week.

You can download the SDK from here.

For browser application we are working on it. We will update you on this same when it will be updated.


answered Apr 29, 2014 by hs00105 (517 points)
I need to use this on a mobile device. Does it work in AIR too?
Yeah that will also work on mobile device and we will update you when it will be done.
I am still waiting for an updates SDK because I can't find this function in SDK 2.2 right?
Hi Wouter,

I apologize for the late reply.
Some of method which you have required for mobile as well as for desktop application is on 2.1 SDK which is updated by last friday. And some of new method in our 2.2 release is under testing which is going to update on upcoming monday.
I will update the thread when it will be available.
You have to download the SDK in which 2.1 folder contains 2 folder which have App42-ActionScript-SDK-Desktop and App42-ActionScript-SDK folder.
App42-ActionScript-SDK-Desktop contains the swc file in which modules like upload service, avtar etc is available and make sure which is not going to work on browser as i have already explained.
App42-ActionScript-SDK contains swc file which is going to work on all platform like mobile ,desktop and browser as well.

Thanks for your reply. After downloading I discover that neither in 2.2 nor in the 2.3 version of the master (nor from github) the file upload is available. I promised my client to implement this by next Friday but without these options in the swc this will be a problem. Hope you can help.

Hi Wouter,

You can download our ActionScript SDK from below link where you can find two folders in version folder. First will contain swc file for desktop & mobile in which your upload function is available and other one is for browser application which not contain your upload function.
Thanks for your reply. I send a image to the support mail and a question.
Hi Wouter,

Please attach the App42_ActionScript_SDK_Desktop_2.3.swc file which is in version 2.3 >> App42-ActionScript-SDK-Desktop folder.
Ok, but will that version work on mobile devices? As far as I understood this is not the case and I need the upload service in a mobile app.
Hi Wouter,

Yes it will work on mobile device.
Let me know if you stuck anywhere or you need any other information regarding this.

I will try today and let you know. Thanks anyway for your explanation.
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