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Hello Team

                     Push Notification are not working at my end.i am unable to receive any push notification. when i sent push notification to any user..under push notification tab in dashboard i can see message :-

Message Sent to  device: APA91bEs20KFtD2-FQgng5SwgftqaX7rZcudxWRKywwme860JJ-bA8otvBIwewOpeE3rnR44-UvasT973iKXryYLCqiIQI0xGwFNd1tJr00ZKYh9Es4zPquvF_NXhSVtuL7wvgiy_IYB : [ errorCode=MismatchSenderId ]


Now Tell me why it is saying mismatch sender ID..

Please anyone help me out.


Thanks Team..
asked Jun 4, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by sarora (56 points)
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Hi Sourabh,

Please check the Sender ID and API_KEY, they must match or else you will get that MismatchSenderId error. In the Google API Console, look at the URL of your project:


The xxxxxxxxx is the project ID, which is the sender ID.

And make sure the API Key belongs to 'Key for server apps (with IP locking)'

Please check and let me know if you still have a problem.

answered Jun 4, 2014 by hs00105 (517 points)
selected Jun 4, 2014 by sarora
Also you can use a sample project number & Server Key to check that push notification is working :-
Google Project Number : - 601050711457
Server Key  : - AIzaSyAFw8XM02vQOkxyO91w4iOJomVUChDJ0zc
Thanks "hs00105" for your valuable information..

I have placed your Project no as well as server key in appHqConsole..But Still Giving me an exception ...

Message Sent to  device: APA91bEs20KFtD2-FQgng5SwgftqaX7rZcudxWRKywwme860JJ-bA8otvBIwewOpeE3rnR44-UvasT973iKXryYLCqiIQI0xGwFNd1tJr00ZKYh9Es4zPquvF_NXhSVtuL7wvgiy_IYB : [ errorCode=MismatchSenderId ]

Dnt know why it is happening in my case..
I have follow all step for push notification..but still giving that same error code mismatch sender Id in APPHQ Console..

Waiting for your response ...

I think that will something going out of the way.
Is it better if you can share your project source code with us.So that we can tell you whats going wrong with your project.
ok..in which account i'll share my code..where i should drop an email...

you can share on support@shephertz.com
ok..I have sent my code in the above mentioned mail..i have gonna stuck in this module..Looking forward for your feedback..

Have you check my code ??..Any Comment on above queries..Please tell me ..waiting for your response...

Hi Sourabh,

I have seen your code and made some changes & its working fine.
I will recommend you to change some code in PushNotificationClass.java.
Because while you are registering with GCM that encountered some issue. Use Util.registerForPush method and also change your android manifest file.
In receiver your package name is not change. its com.example.app42sample.App42GCMService write now you need to change it.

Please made these changes and test the project again.
Let me know if it work.
OK..will let you know...Thanks for reply..
Can you please tell me how to get registration or device Id ..I am unable to get that id ..it is giving null pointer exception while getting regId with my code..Pleasegive me some snippet code to get RegId..

I got method how to get notification..now i am facing exception while sending push notification....

com.shephertz.app42.paas.sdk.android.App42Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: key.length == 0

Have you initialize the App42 Instance because when you are calling the App42 Function APIKey & SecretKey is not set.
Thanks for your answer..will let you know..
Thanks Buddy.Now my push notification Working..Realy Bundle of Thanks to You.. :):)

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