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Is there anyway to restore or end a session that is still active (using connection resiliency) if the application is closed by the user on Windows Runtime 8.1? As of right now if the user decides to close an app, which kills the current session, but then relaunches the app and connects before the expiration time for the connection resiliency of the previous session has occured it will throw a connect error. Is there anyway to detect this and simply force that session to end, or reconnect again without waiting for the session to expire?

asked Jun 17, 2014 in AppWarp by feraask (45 points)

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You must call disconenct method while exiting your app. This will cleanly close the session and the user will be able to conenct again with same username.
answered Jun 18, 2014 by Suyash Mohan (900 points)

There was some problem at our side,Please now use our latest dll from below link

If you are still getting AuthError for some usernames,Please send me your username and apikey at "".We will remove them from our server db.
Okay so far so good, but I have noticed a small typo in the API's. The method to recover a connection with a session id (RecoverConnectionWithSessionId) is spelled incorrectly in the method header/definition, it is missing the last 'n' at the end of the word session. Basically it is showing up for me as RecoverConnectionWithSessioId when I'm assuming it should be RecoverConnectionWithSessionId.
Ok,We will modify it.Thanks for your reply..:)
RecoverConnectionWithSessioId  always return 9 in onConnectionDone notification but never successfully recover its connection.

I used the technique explained in this post.
You will get ConnectionErrorRecoverable continuously till your connection is recovered or failed by server.

Suppose your network was lost and you called recoverConnection, you will still get ConnectionErrorRecoverable if there is no network connectivity.

The aim of recoverConnection was to handle network fluctuations or conditions like changing between 2G/3G/Wifi. It can not recover connection if there is no network connectivity.
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