Can I run AppWarpS2 server code on cloud for testing, so user can play game from anywhere?

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I want to run my server code on your cloud server to test are the client code working from anywhere or not?. Becouse right now client dont have their own server for hosting AppWarpS2 server code, but client was asaking I want to purchase server from below link Please let me konw if it right or not. and also provide which server has to used for this. Thnak you
asked Mar 10, 2014 in AppWarpS2 by imtiyaz (45 points)
retagged Mar 11, 2014 by shepAdmin

1 Answer

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You can host AppWarp S2 on your own infrastructure. This can be done on any IaaS providers such as AWS, Azure etc.

You can also deploy on to App42PaaS if you want to host on our infrastructure.
answered Mar 10, 2014 by dhruvc (1,099 points)
Thank you...
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