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Hello guys.

I am about to finish multiplayer game where people can join to lobby then to random (4 person) room and then send messages everytime when player make an action (jump, shoot etc.) I've chosen this option to avoid spamming messages in every game engine update.

The question is, how many players daily (every player plays about 5 games with 100 actions each) can I handle in free indie plan with 2M messages. I have to plan my budget right now and invest in promotion, sounds etc. Are you able to give me some numbers?

I know that the question is not very well precised but maybe this is possible assume that. I am not sure if all broadcasts about player joins room or leaves lobby counts.
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Yes we count the join room and leave lobby type of messages.when a user joined the room or lobby following steps will be executed

1.User sends join request to server(1 message)

2.Server sends response to user(1 message).If user joined room successfully server will broadcast the joined room notification to subscribed room users(message count=number of subscribed users)

Same process is for leave room request.
answered Sep 18, 2014 by errahulpanchal (169 points)
Doesn't it work in this way:

1. Player joins lobby and send broadcast message to everyone in the lobby (1 x ammount of players in lobby).
2a. Everyone say hello to him (1 x ammount of players in lobby)
2b. Every player in lobby sends broadcast so number of messages can be huge (everyone to everyone)
3. Player joins room and sends broadcast about it (1x ammount of players in lobby)
4. Subscribe to room and unsubscribe from lobby. From now we will communicate only with 4 people.
5. Player leaves room and another broadcast. Another response from every player (possibly also broadcasted).

I don't know if 2a or 2b works here. Do players in lobby answers to that new player or server does it only to that one specific player?
Its the same calculation what you have mentioned,just add the response message to user who had sent the join room request.

Lobby is a special type of room where user can chat,and get the notification about other user's joining and leaving the room.But it is not mandatory to join and subscribe the lobby,users can directly join the rooms and play the game.
And that response messages comes with data like number of players in lobby/room etc? Is it one message all few?

Also please tell me if response message after joining the lobby comes from every user in lobby or server stores that info and it sends the message to that specified player?

I just want to avoid not necessary broadcasts from each player to each player. Its ok when one player comes to lobby, intruduce himself and then got answer from every player (or from server). But its pointless if every player answers using broadcast to every player other player (new player included)
suppose there are three players Adam, John and Nick in the lobby, when new player Rahul joins the lobby then following actions will be executed

1. The server will send the response message to Rahul, the response message contains only if the user has successfully joined or not.

2. The server will send the notification message to Rahul, Adam, John and nick.
Now if Adam says "hello" using send chat api, message will be sent to Rahul, Adam, John and Nick.In addition adam will also get the response of whether his message was successfully sent or not.
if adam wants to send "hello" to only Rahul then he can use sendPrivateChat, but in this case other users will not get "hello" message.
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