How can I check latency/ping of the various geo zones for appwarp in my region?

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I want to select the best zone for a AppWarp app, how can I check the latency in my region to the various offered zones?
asked Nov 12, 2014 in AppWarp by Derek Munneke (10 points)

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Hi Derek,

To check the latency, you can send the connection request to each of the AppWarp zones one by one and check the time duration between sending the request and getting the response callback.

We can also suggest you the server location If you let us know from which geo location you are expecting your game user base.
answered Nov 12, 2014 by NaveenGShephertz (244 points)
Thanks Naveen,

I thought the zone was automagically set by the API key set?

eg. AppWarp::Client::initialize("Your API Key", "Your Secret Key");  

A way to iterate through the zones to test, or do i need to create  a different app for each zone? Are there server IP addresses we can do a ping tests to?

This is for a user base mostly in southern and south-eastern Australia.

regards, derek
Hi Derek,

You are right that zone is automatically set by the API key if you have not set the Geo location explicitly. But you can override the server location by calling SetGeo(String geo) API by passing the geography name (us, eu, sp, japan).

You don't need to create a new app for each zone to test the latency. You can just use SetGeo() to change the zone with the same API key Secret Key. Please note that the static rooms created using AppHQ dashboard will only be available in the default zone(zone for which app was created)

As you mentioned that your game user base will mostly be from South-East Austraila, We recommend you that you connect to Japan server which will be nearest among all.
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