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UserService requires user name, password and email to create a user. However, my app does not require the email address to be provided. I thought about just using my email address for all the users but it says it has to be unique email address. Whats the work around? Can I just use a "junky email" to create the user name. I don't see the point of limiting user creation with such requirement


Thank you
asked Dec 2, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by AndroidFolk (107 points)

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Hi AndroidFolk,
If you don't  want to use email Id, you can use username and append it in any junk email domain to make email Id from it. 
For example, if username is AndroidFolk, and your app name is MyApp, you can use email as and pass it to App42 User Service. You can use any other test/junk domain of your choice to make it work.
Let me know if it makes sense.
answered Dec 2, 2014 by naresh (350 points)
selected Dec 2, 2014 by AndroidFolk
Thank you so much!! :)
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