I need a PARSER for Android

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I use Android and Eclipse ..

So i get the result back in JSON in a String variable in Eclipse - Java.


Whats the best Parser to use and do you have any example code you can point me to ?


Thanks ...
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asked May 20, 2015 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by jingahr (31 points)

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Hi Jingahr,

You can easily fetch specific key from App42 using Storage API. Please refer following code snippet, that will help you in parsing.

public static void loadApp42Contacts1() {
        StorageService storageService=App42API.buildStorageService();
        Set<String> selectKeys = new HashSet<String>();  
                "YourCollectionName", new App42CallBack() {

                    public void onSuccess(Object arg0) {
                        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                        parseData(((Storage) arg0)

                    public void onException(Exception arg0) {
                        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    private static void parseData(ArrayList<JSONDocument> jsonDocList){
        for(JSONDocument userJsonDoc:jsonDocList){
            try {
                JSONObject jsonData=new JSONObject(userJsonDoc.jsonDoc);
            } catch (JSONException e) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block

Let me know if it helps.



Vishnu Garg


answered May 20, 2015 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
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