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Hi. I have a few pricing questions after looking at . I tried to search on the internet for answers but was unsuccesful in finding them.   

  1. If usage in the indie tier exceeds the number of API calls or Push notifications what happens?
    • Do subsequent calls return an error message?
    • Are subsequent calls successful but billed at rates listed in the non indie tier?
    • Something else?
  2. In any of your tiers, I couldn't find documentation that talks about what happens if the amount of data an app is storing exceeds the listed limits.
    • Is it possible to buy extra storage? 
    • If so, how is it priced?
  3. Same question as #2 but about upload /download bandwidth usage exceeding the limits.  
  4. What would you suggest for building an app like Instagram or YouTube which has lots of data storage and lots of bandwidth usage?
    • Don't use app42 BaaS at all
    • Use app42 BaaS but not for storing data users upload and view because the pricing model and storage limitations aren't feasible?  If so, could you elaborate?
    • Something else?

Thanks in advance. :-)

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Hello 24explore Team,
The Indie plan is only for Indie Devlopers. Once who qualifies for this plan and exceeds the limits, then he must move to a paid subscription. Of course, we don't pause the app till it hits 120% usage. It is applicable for all the plans available.
  • If the app exceed the limit of storage or bandwidth in any of the paid plans, then you need to move the app to a next higher plan. Once you are in Enterprise plan, we will customize the plan according to your requirement. We do have add-on packages for storage and bandwidth in the Enterprise plan. Thus, you pay for what you use.
  • As you are building an app which requires high storage and bandwidth (more than the current limits of Large plan, i.e. 50 GB storage and 50 GB bandwidth), then as mentioned above we offer customized plans according to your requirement under Enterprise plan. You can even opt for Dedicated server (recommended in this case).
If you require more details, please feel free to call me on below number.
+91 94 676 99048
Skype: shephertz
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