How can I get the user that made the rpc call?

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I have a rpc method in the zone adaptor and I would like to get the user (IUser instance) that made that call. Is this possible?

A solution I tought about is to maintain a list with all the IUser's (update the list on handleAddUserRequest) and get the IUser from the list based on a id/username that is sent in the rpc method. But I think there might be a better way to achive this. Right?

asked Sep 18, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by amarkovits (25 points)

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Hi AmarkVits,

Yes, you can mantain user list that made an RPC API call. If you go through with the ZoneAdapter, you will find you can fetch zone users by calling API iZone.getUsers()

In Zone RPC call you can send userName as a parameter. In RPC method you can fetch that iUser by itereating iZone.getUsers() collection. Once you will get that user after that you can make your own iUser collection based on RPC call.

Let me know if it helps.


Thanks & Regards

Vishnu Garg

answered Sep 19, 2015 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
selected Sep 19, 2015 by amarkovits
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