Notification not received on client for user joined room

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Server: I have a zone rpc method that search for a suitable room for the user that made the call (I send the username as parameter) and add the user to the room.

On server I have this inside the rpc method:

room.addUser(user, true);

I checked and the user is added to the room.

The problem is that on client side I never receive the notification that the user joined a room. I receive the response that the rpc call was ok but no notification for the join room event.

I added this (I use Corona SDK on client side):

   appWarpClient.addNotificationListener("onUserJoinedRoom", scene.onUserJoinedRoom)  
but the onUserJoinedRoom method is never called. I also made a little debug on client side and I get no data from the server.
Am I doing something wrong or it this a bug?
asked Sep 20, 2015 in AppWarpS2 by amarkovits (25 points)

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If you are adding a user in Room using Zone RPC API, in that case all the users those have already joined, will get a notification in  onUserJoinedRoom function.

Let me know if it helps.

Thanks & Reagrds

Vishnu Garg

answered Sep 21, 2015 by Vishnu Garg (674 points)
selected Sep 22, 2015 by amarkovits
ok, I understand. In this case I will send a message to the user I added to the room so that he know that he joined a room.

What I'm doing is to implement a custom matchmaking (based on some params, and also on time, etc) and I'm implementing it this way:

- user make a zone rpc call telling the server that he is ready to play
- when the server found a match for the user (that can happen also in the rpc call) the user is added to a room. I was hoping that for this action I will get a onUserJoinedRoom notification on the client but now I understand this notifications is received only for other users, not for myself. So I will have to send a message to the user notifying him that he joined a room.

Is there a better way to implement a custom matchmaking?
You can send roomId in response in return of Zone RPC and then on ClientSide you can call JoinRoom API.
There are situations when i can't add the user to a room yet so he have to wait a while. I solved it by sending a chat message to the user when he is added to a room.
Yes, It depends on you how can you achieve it.
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