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Couple of things about custom code.

1. Is it possible to have Custom Code architected exactly like any other App42 service? Currently we have just a single execute() method which we override. Would like to have multiple methods (aka APIs) returning http response execution of which is controlled through routing scheme. Like a typical REST web service.

2. Currently, we are managing multiple methods (aka APIs) through different request codes being sent to mean different methods using a switch() in a single monolithic custom code which is not intuitive. What is the recommendation for custom code executor? Should it be an executor for each method OR executor for "few" logical group methods OR monolithic custom code executor?

3. I suspect that having a large executor class would affect performance as class loader would take that much time whenever it has to be loaded? Also does Executor class really get loaded every time a request arrives? Which recommendation is performance efficient?
asked Feb 24, 2016 in Java by jitesh.h.lalwani (20 points)
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Hi Jitesh,


In order to achieve the above things, we have a product name as API Gateway which helps you to achieve your goal. Please have  a look at this link and let me know if you want a complete walkthrough. 

It will help me to schedule a call and provide better support to you. 


Himanshu Sharma

answered Feb 25, 2016 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
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