Something odd with getTopNRankersByDate

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I'm having some troubles with getTopNRankersByDate().  Here is the scenario:
JackTrash has 3 scores recorded on a leaderboard:
470     _v3F4qaxRpcFY6M3ECDteJF7mc2Ao=     (Created on 6/3)
280     _v3bbwayk6GOVw5PaLScWiisqkZZU=     (Created on 6/2)
225     _v3OrvR34G9qMazm0pOArtpy10vM+I=     (Created on 6/2)
If I call getTopNRankers(), I get get back the 470 score for JackTrash with the proper document attached:
"scoreList": [{
   "userName": "JackTrash",
   "value": 470
   "createdOn": "Fri Jun 3 06:54:59 GMT-0600 2016",
   "scoreId": "_v3F4qaxRpcFY6M3ECDteJF7mc2Ao=",
   "jsonDocList": [{
      "jsonDoc": "{\"difficulty\":\"hard\",\"_$scoreId\":\"_v3F4qaxRpcFY6M3ECDteJF7mc2Ao=\"}",
      "createdAt": "Fri Jun 3 06:54:59 GMT-0600 2016",
      "owner": "JackTrash",
      "docId": "57517e23e4b015974824e103"
NOTE: I've trimmed down that response to relevant properties.
The problem comes when I'm calling getTopNRankersByDate() using a date range of the last 30 days.  I get back the score of 470 but with a different score ID and hence document attached:
"scoreList": [{
   "userName": "JackTrash",
   "value": 470,
   "createdOn": "Thu Jun 2 07:55:38 GMT-0600 2016"
   "scoreId": "_v3OrvR34G9qMazm0pOArtpy10vM+I=",
   "jsonDocList": [{
      "jsonDoc": "{\"_$scoreId\":\"_v3OrvR34G9qMazm0pOArtpy10vM+I=\",\"difficulty\":\"normal\"}",
      "createdAt": "Thu Jun 2 07:55:38 GMT-0600 2016",
      "owner": "JackTrash",
      "docId": "57503adae4b015974823fe8b"
You can see in that response that the scoreId is for the 225 score listed above, not the 470 score that was returned.
Here is the debug output for the call by date (with apiKey obfuscated):
Signature : micrQCFbsDHx96y4WO4qdv3Ktq4%3D
Http url : 1.0/game/scoreboard/Solitaire/rankers/2016-05-04T6:0:0.0Z/2016-06-03T13:6:44.77Z/100
QueryString is ?
 Setting Header value : SDKName : AS3
 Setting Header value : dataACL : [{"null":null}]
 Setting Header value : dbCredentials : {"dbName":"Trixel","collectionName":"Solitaire"}
 Setting Header value : isAttachScoreId : true
 Setting Header value : resource : game/scoreboard
 Setting Header value : signature : micrQCFbsDHx96y4WO4qdv3Ktq4%3D
 Setting Header value : timeStamp : 2016-06-03T13:6:44.78Z
 Setting Header value : version : 1.0
Response : {"app42":{"response":{"success":true,"games":{"game":{"name":"Solitaire","scores":{"score":{"userName":"JackTrash","value":470,"createdOn":"2016-06-02T13:55:38.000Z","scoreId":"_v3OrvR34G9qMazm0pOArtpy10vM+I=","jsonDoc":[{"_id":{"$oid":"57503adae4b015974823fe8b"},"_$scoreId":"_v3OrvR34G9qMazm0pOArtpy10vM+I=","_$owner":{"owner":"JackTrash"},"difficulty":"normal","_$createdAt":"2016-06-02T13:55:38.621Z","_$updatedAt":"2016-06-02T13:55:38.621Z"}]}}}}}}}
I tried a few variations on dates as well as removing the isAttachScoreId header - but the results are the same.
Any thoughts on what is going on here?
Thanks again for the help.
asked Jun 3, 2016 in Flash by justin.mette (10 points)

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Hi Justin,

Could you please share the following details on

- your API_Key and Secret_Key

-GameName created in AppHQ

-Code snippets for both API calls

Also, please provide permission to check this issue on your API_Key, It will help us to debug the problem.

answered Jun 5, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
Hi Justin,

This issue has been fixed now.
Please check at your end and let me know if the problem continues.

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