Are geo points and geo tags the same thing?

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With the storage service, you can insert a JSON with a geo tag. When I look at the pricing section, it says free users have up to 10000 geopoints. Does a json with a geo tag counts as geopoints or does geopoints only refer to data used with the geo service? What would be the difference between the 2 if any?
asked Nov 10, 2016 in Unity by Joe Roy (22 points)

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Hi Joe,

Apologies for late reply.

Both will be counted as a Geo Points. Geo Points with Storage has an advantage of linking any JSON document with a geo-points. Later you can search docs based on location.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.


answered Nov 15, 2016 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
selected Nov 15, 2016 by Joe Roy
Hi Rajeev, thank you for the answer. So, just to confirm, I would be limited to 10000 total geo-tagged JSON? Do you know why this number is limited to 10000? One JSON doc of data for my app is around 1kb and I'm given 1GB to work with so I would hope to be able to use more than 10000. My app is to rely heavily on geo data but the current pricing scheme wouldn't be scalable if I gain traction unless I store the latitude/longitude as numerical key values instead of geo tags.
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