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We are pleased to announce AppWarp forum - a place for the AppWarp developer community to learn and share their experiences.
This forum is a friendly place to ask questions and get help from other users on every aspect of Multiplayer development using AppWarp. A set of forum rules and regulations have been created to ensure that everyone is treated fairly by members, moderators and administrators.
The do’s
a. Stay on topic – If you want to change the subject, start a new thread.
b. Post in the correct forum
c. Be friendly and helpful
d. We have lots of useful documentation and samples available in the dev-center on our site. Go through them before posting.
d. Search before you post and check if your question has already been answered before.
e. Add relevant thread titles and be as specific as you can regarding the scenario or error you are trying to solve.
f. Good spelling and grammar so that all members of the community can clearly understand the question.
g. When posting about an issue include the version of the SDK, platform and environment you are using and machine or device specs.
h. Report Posts – Use these rules to report any violations across the forum. Make sure you provide usernames and an accurate description. This is especially helpful in lengthy discussions.
The following are NOT tolerated within the Forum;
a. Discussions on political issues as well as grey areas including but not limited to; religion, race and sex. 
b. Spamming, including duplicate threads or posts and advertising.
c. Abuse, threatening or discriminating behaviour.
d. The use of offensive language in any form.
e. Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity. 
f. Trolling or off topic discussions.
g. Hijacking threads.
h. Posting personal information of any user.
i. Pointless necro posting.
j. Posting of embargoed or NDA closed beta information.
k. Posting of confidential sales information provided by the sales team.
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