Effective way to edit all user's scores

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You mentioned that the scoreBoardService.EditScoreValueById() can be used to reset user's score on leaderboard.

But this method can only update one user's score, not all users. I think it's impossible to call this method 10000 times if there are 10000 user scores in the score board.
Is there an API that can edit users' score all at once?

asked Apr 23, 2017 in C# by douyangyang (10 points)

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Hi Douyang,


You can create multiple leader-board inside AppHQ Management Console, means according to date you can create one leaderboard and save entries into it. It will help you to maintain daily leaderboard in the easy manner. Also, in the month end, you can delete first fifteen days leaderboard from the database.

Note: As of now, we have no such plan to release the deleteGame API. You can delete it through dashboard only.

P.S I am adding your request to our development team to take a look at deleteGame functionality. If it is possible to release the API, then I will update you regarding the release timeline.


Himanshu Sharma
answered Apr 24, 2017 by hs00105 (2,005 points)
Great, thanks.
It will be really helpful to have such functionality as we all love to have things done automatically.
Also I noticed that the delete game functionality has been added on Android platform so technically speaking it should be quite easy.
Hi Douyang,


Please let us know on which language and sdk you are working on. So, we can provide you delete game api for same.
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