Possible reasons for error code 1400 bad request, Request parameters invalid on user authentication.

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Hi folks!  I'm just getting started and am having trouble with user authentication.  It seems pretty straightforward but I am getting 1400 bad request errors when trying to authenticate.  What could cause that? 

I'm not getting any error messages in Unity.  I'm just calling this method:  userService.Authenticate(usernamepassword,new UnityCallBack());

And the callback comes back with 1400 bad request, Request parameters invalid.  username is a string; same with password.  I'm entering in the correct username and passwords and the user does exist in the database.  Besides I think if those were the problems I would be getting different error codes based on what I saw in the documentation.  What usually causes the 1400 bad request when doing user authentication?

asked Apr 9, 2014 in App42 Cloud API-BaaS by Rhinosaurus (32 points)

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Well I believe I found the problem but I am a little confused.  When I build my UserService, I was using App42API.BuildUserService();

But I had created an api using new ServiceAPI.  Instead of that, I just set my api key and secret key on App42API and it works now.  But which way are we supposed to do it?  When I first noticed the problem I build my UserService using the api I created with new ServiceAPI, but I got complaints in Unity regarding threading when I tried to run it.

answered Apr 9, 2014 by Rhinosaurus (32 points)
There are two ways of doing it.
App42API.initialize("APIKEY","SECRETKEY") and then App42API.BuildUserService();

ServiceAPI sp = new ServiceAPI("APIKEY","SECRETKEY");

You can use any one however from usability point of view first one is recommended.
Thank you, that makes sense.
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