Using AppWarp in the project makes Unity freeze

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Hi, The problem does not occur first time when I open the project. App starts okay and it works fine with AppWarp (sending and receiveing messages) But after I exit play mode and try to start it again, it freezes without starting the game. That also applies to Building project. It always freezes and does not end.
asked Jul 4, 2017 in Unity by Mate Križanac (10 points)

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Could you please let us know, are you building the project for the desktop appication or the mobile application and where this problem accur. It will hep us to provide better suuport to you from our end.
answered Jul 5, 2017 by anonymous

Thanks for the reply.
Actually it happens for both. One app is for Desktop and other for Android (I know about using mobile dll in order for app to run smoothly for mobile devices) But it happens in Editor a lot, both for Desktop build and Android build.

It's weird because first time I start Unity it works fine, events and all. Then I stop play mode and when I want to start again, Unity freezes, without anything happening, problem is not in code, because it doesn't even start executing. And when I deselect AppWarp object in the Editor, problems do not happen after that

Could you please let us know, is your project working fine without using AppWarp, because AppWarp does not cause to make the project freeze. It will help us to find the root cause of this issue.

Please have a look into this link( this might be your case.
Yes, without AppWarp, project works fine, I also commented all the Code in AppWar Script I use to connect and send/receive messages, thought problem is in the code, but still, when AppWarp is added, Unity freezes. Actually, problem is a lot similar to sometimes adding custom shaders in "Always Included Shaders", which I do not have inside this project but once i had a very similar with it. Might it be AppWarp library is doing something similar?
Is it possible to share the sample project in which you are getting this problem? We have tested it and it is working fine at our end. It will be easy for us to understand the problem if we can debug the project in which it is occurring.

Please share the same at .


Actually I added AppWarp in the end, and project is quite big. That's why I know it's connected with AppWarp, because before everything worked fine. Let me create some simple project and record video of freezing and then I can send you the code and you can tell me if that helps.
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