Weird behavior of AppHQ admin panel, this is not acceptable.

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I have registered recently with appwarp and added one demo app to admin panel without any client implementation, and next day admin panel shows 19 message count "WHAT IS THIS", how can i trust these services, because the price is based on message count.

Is there any example for describing all service of ShepHeartz services for Unity ?

  1. user management(authentication,social operations),
  2. multiplayer(auto match, create private room with friend invite).

I did not found any single line of guide anywhere, got some unity tutorials but it's too old, its look like shephertz is not have any good guid about these services.

And forum also not able to attach image file, so i have uploaded somewhere else



asked Jul 29, 2017 in Operations and Maintenance by nikunj.appindia (17 points)

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Hi Nikunj,

Could you please add me( as a collaborator to your app from AppHQ Console? 

Please have look at our Tutorial listed below:

1. Creating User

2. Doing User Authentication

AppWarp provide APIs for match making using which you can match make your users based on Room Properties or the number of players available inside the room.

Private/public room creation, you can create rooms with a property say roomType=private/public. You can alway call our API joinRoomWithProperties to join a room where you pass roomType value(Private/Public) based on the type of room this user should join.

Let me know if you have any further query, I will be happy to help.



answered Jul 31, 2017 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
selected Jul 31, 2017 by nikunj.appindia
Thanks for the answer,

Shall i randomly connect with other player via Match Making API ?, without creating room ?, i don't understand how appwarp match making api is working ?,
If its require room creation first, then consider this example " if 4 players are online and all will create room, then how will all of can connect to one single room.

I don't understand the Room Creation mechanism, all player have to create room ? or app warp will automatically create per user requirement ? if room creation is done from client side, then everyone will keep creating roooms
You can follow the below steps:
1. Connect to AppWarp
2. Call joinRoomWithProperties API
3. If there will be a room available you will be joined to that room else you will get fail response with error code(RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND  =  2)
4. If you get RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND,  you can create room and join.

Let me know if you have any further query.
Thank you very much for instant help.
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