Add min / max CCU in the Statistics section

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In the statistics section I can see the average CCU and the sum of messages per day. Although the average CCU is a nice to have feature, it is not at all useful, as it does not tell me how many users my app really has. The live stat is certainly more important, but, this is only for now, What I need to have is a way to compare the performance of my app in different days. The average CCU does not help in this. The sum of msg does offer a benchmark, but the combination of these two is by far the more important benchmark. Thus, is it possible to add the min and the max CCU per day? With that information, I can monitor the performance of my app Thank you
asked Feb 27, 2018 in Discuss & suggest API by info (16 points)

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Thanks for your suggestion.

I am forwarding this to my development team and will update you if it is added in the next release pipeline.

answered Feb 27, 2018 by rajeev.etc (1,660 points)
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