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Hello, I just started using App42API Cloud with Unity. I have created Register/Login system by example. When game starts there is a UI Login Panel pops up. Player will enter his/here email and password to authenticate. After successfully authentication I want disable UI Login Panel and enable Menu UI Panel. 3 days past I can't figure out how can I do that. 

As you can see in image class "MyCallBack" is not Monobehaviour and I can't get any access to him. I tried different method. 

I also tried to add Monobehaviour before App42CallBack. Like this:

public class MyCallBack : Monobehaviour, App42Callback




Nothing works. 

Please help need. Thanks

asked Mar 25, 2018 in Unity by Nurlan Akylbekov (20 points)

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WORKED YAHOO))). I just looked into this script http://api.shephertz.com/tutorial/Unity-Caching-and-Offline-Storage/

and I understand something

public class MyCallBack : App42CallBack
    public bool isAuthenticated;
    Register register = GameObject.Find("_Scripts").GetComponent<Register>();
    public void OnSuccess (object response)
        User user = (User)response;
        Debug.Log("userName is " + user.GetUserName());             
        Debug.Log("emailId is " + user.GetEmail()); 
        register.isRegistered = true;
        register.authenticatePanel.gameObject.SetActive (false);
        register.menuPanel.gameObject.SetActive (true);

    public void OnException (Exception e)     
        Debug.Log("Exception : " + e);      


Thank you to all. Now I want to know, are there all functions works like that? I mean create Matchmaking, Search Player etc?

answered Mar 25, 2018 by Nurlan Akylbekov (20 points)
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